How to link aadhaar with mobile number online, Explained

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The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has approved the framework for the introduction of new methods like OTP for verification or linking Aaadhar with SIM. Operators will apply new methods for verification of existing customers simultaneously from December 1.

UIDAI Chief Executive Officer Ajay Bhushan Pandey said, “The plans of telecom companies have been approved. The operators came to us and they have said that they should implement it from December 1.” The government had announced three ways to connect customers’ mobile numbers with Aadhar last month. This will allow customers to re-verify the SIM from their home. After this, the operators were asked to contact UIDAI with their designs, so that they could bring the new procedures to the system in operation and implement the new system. However, for this, first UID approval was necessary.

Pandey said that after consideration of this plan, approval has been given considering the safety, compliance and the issues of protection of the basic law and protection of privacy.

How to link aadhaar with mobile number

Under the new sanctioned methods, mobile number can be linked from OTP (One Time Password), app and IVRS from the Aadhar. The purpose of this measure is to simplify the entire process and make it accessible to the people.

The convenience of connecting the mobile number with the base will be continued by going to the store at the telecom company’s store. The government has instructed physically disabled, sick people and senior citizens to make this facility available at their doorstep.

Mobile companies have assured UIDAI that they will start the facility of OTP based verification by the end of this month.

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