How to link Instagram with WhatsApp?

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Just think and imagine, how good would it be if you get the notifications about ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ done on the Instagram photo through WhatsApp. I am adding more here, What if you can enjoy chatting on WhatsApp while watching photos of friends and celebrities on Instagram? It will become a great experience to use Instagram and WhatsApp jointly.

We have got some piece of information that Whatsapp ​​is going to fulfill your wish soon. The company is in the preparations for the facility to connect your Whatsapp account to the Instagram account.

Whatsapp Archive chat will not be seen repeatedly

According to ‘Tech Crunch’ report, Whatsapp is also working on a new feature called ‘Vacation Mode’. No archive ‘chat’ will be seen again on the chat screen. However, the included chat will not be deleted from the account.

At present, if the WhatsApp user ‘archives’ the chat of a person or group, then this chat disappears from the screen. However, after sending the text message from the concerned person or the group, it appears again in the chat screen.

Preparation of ‘Silent Mode’ on Whatsapp

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There is a good news for you if you do not want to see the new message coming in the chat screen from the person or group of people whom you have muted. The company is also launching a new feature called ‘Silent Mode’, which will not show the message notifications sent from such person or group in the chat screen.

As soon as the company will launch this amazing feature, we’ll let you know about it.

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