how to make laptop hotspot, 3 Simple steps revealed

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If you are a smartphone user, you will need data balance to run the internet on the phone. Sometimes when we require heavy data usage then Wi-Fi Hotspot becomes a more convenient tool to get things done. Users have become addictive to Mobile internet if your daily data limit exceeds then you immediately feel boredom without the Internet. We have found the solution for Data scarcity. With below simple steps you’ll be able to make your Laptop a Wifi Hotspot.

If you are a laptop user with a smartphone and run the internet with the help of dongle, then we are going to tell you about a software that will help you to enjoy Wi-Fi hot spots through the internet and enjoy the Internet on your smartphone.

How to Turn Your Laptop into a Wi-Fi Hotspot


There are two ways to make Wi-Fi hotspots in laptops, the first way is coding through the software. Here we are going to tell you second method.

Step 1– First download and install the connectivity software on your laptop or desktop. You can download it from here.

Step 2– After running the software, you will see settings and two options for clients. Now click on create a wifi hotspot in the tabs with Settings.

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Step 3– Now you will see a drop-down menu below Internet-to-share.

Step 4– Now select this Wi-Fi or dongle from this menu, which you want to share with Wi-Fi.

Step 5 – Here you will find the option to set a password here. Set a password here and click on Start Hotspot. After that, the hotspot will be created on your laptop.

Note- Please note This is a paid software. In its free version, you can consistently use it just 30 mins.

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