How to make phone faster?

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So you are enjoying your smartphone features. You might have settled some accessories for it. You are clicking many photos from it but after some days your phone suddenly hangs up or stuck for some apps. In this situation, you become upset, but if you want your phone run faster as it used to run when it was brand new then follow these 6 simple steps to run your Android phone faster then ever before.

Clear home screen

Many people keep a lot of app on the home screen of the phone, while doing so it gets the phone overwhelming. Always keep the home screen blank. Put only important App shortcuts on Home screen. Do not use live wallpapers as well. This eliminates the battery and the phone also becomes slow.

Uninstall unnecessary app

There are many Google apps in Android phones that many people do not need. Like – Google Movies, Google Music, Google Play Newsstand, Google News & Weather, Google Keep, Google Duo Dismiss those of whom you do not need or disable them in settings.

Reduce the storage

If your phone has low storage and RAM, then you can use the recently launched Google Files Go app to remove your phone’s junk file and make the phone fast. This app also helps you delete an app which does not use by you.

Update phone

Always keep checking your phone updates. By the way, the notification comes, but we ignore it. After updating, many problems of the phone are dispelled and the phone runs smoother. After the update, the phone becomes secure too.

Use the Lite version app

As you know Facebook Light and Messenger Light was the app, Facebook launched but now Google has also released several Lite apps. There you can use many apps like YouTube Lite, Skype Light, LinkedIn Light, Mobile Twitter. Light apps consume very little storage.

Keep Bluetooth off

Many times we share something with Bluetooth and leave it on. By doing so the phone life becomes poor with the heavy battery usage. Also, turn off Wi-Fi if you do not need it.

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