How to make QR code at Home for free – Here’s a trick

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qr code generator free- technogot

You must have seen the QR code. OK, let just assume that you have not seen, but the name must have been heard.

The full name of the QR code is a quick response code. It is seen as a trademark. This small bar code carries much information in it. It can be read/scanned through mobile and QR code scanners. It is now being used extensively for selling, purchasing, and payment transfer.

If you want, you can make your QR code and print it on your product or your visiting card or T-shirt. So let’s know how to create your QR code?

qr code generator - technogot

How to generate QR Code step by step:

First, download and install the QR Barcode Generator app from Google Play Store on your smartphone. Now click on the text in the drop-down menu of the app and select your barcode type.

You will now see the option of URL, TEXT, PHONE NUMBER. Fill out all the information. If there is a website, enter its URL and type the name of the website or your name in the text box.

Now you will see the option of Generate on the right side. Also, the Small, Medium and Large size of the QR code will be asked as well. Now your code will be created which you can use according to your own needs.

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