How to play Android games on PC?

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Nowadays gaming has grown tremendously throughout the world. As smartphone companies are building smart hardware with new technology. gaming companies and developers are also developing their games with high-end graphics.

However, in the case of controls, smartphone gamers are left behind in PC gaming.

There are many smartphone games where players have to use a lot of movement and control options together. Therefore most players plan to run Android games on PC, but they do not know how to do this. Technogot have come up with an easy way How to play Android games on PC?

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How to play Android games on PC without Bluestacks?

There are many Emulators online available to run Android games and apps in a PC. Many of these Emulators are free and on the other side, you will have to pay a price for using many Emulators.

Let’s explore one Emulator today through which you can play Android games.

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How to play Android games on PC?

Step 1: Visit Nox website ( and download the latest version of Emulator software.
Step 2: Now install this downloaded file.
Step 3: Start Emulator after installation ends, the app will be configured automatically according to the hardware of your PC.
Step 4: After Showing, fully configured Emulator, you have to go to Play Store and install apps or games just like your Android smartphone. After that you can play the game comfortably in your PC.

Please note that developers of some games like PUBG Mobile refuse users to install third-party emulators because the company gives its own official Emulators for these games. In such a case, if you play these games in any other Emulators, then the company can lock account for taking action against the player.

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