How to Prevent Spammers from accessing your Google Calendar

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Google’s calendar has become a soft target for hackers these days. According to some reports they are stealing information from users’ Android smartphones.

Now hackers have started using Google Calendar app to target your smartphone for personal information hacking. In most Android smartphones, Google Calendar is comes as the default calendar. If Gmail receives an email related to an appointment, it gets auto added to Google Calendar.

Surprisingly, if such emails with such appointments come in the spam folder they still get added to your Google Calendar. These appointments usually have links and hackers send these link for fishing and target users.

These links are designed by hackers in such a way that users can click on them and access their personal data – such as passwords, credit card details and other information on their smartphones. Usually users keep Internet banking, credit card details and passwords in their smartphones and this is where hackers attack and get access to all your personal information.

How to Avoid Google Calendar Phishing Scams

You just have to do one thing which is quite easy. For this, go to the default Google Calendar settings and delete it from default.

Step:1 Open Google Calendar, you can open settings here by going to the left side.

Step:2 Here you will see the Events from Gmail option.

Step:3 Now you can deactivate the upcoming appointments from different emails. However after this, if you receive any email for an appointment from anywhere, that will not set automatic in your Google Calendar.

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In addition, you can make habit that will you’ll not open any unknown link and will not open any attachments that comes to Gmail from suspicious person.

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