How to Protect Smart TV From Hackers and Malware attacks

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All of us have heard of the virus coming in the smartphone but instead of smartphones, nowadays smart TVs are at risk of viruses or malware attacks, because they are also connected to the Internet.To prevent these kind of problems, Samsung recently suggested that users should scan the TV on prefered routine. We’ll tell you How to Protect Smart TV From Hackers and Malware attacks.

Steps required for Samsung Smart TV to Protect From Hackers and Malware attacks

  • Turn on the TV and go to the settings option.
  • From here go to General Settings section and click on System Manager.
  • Now click on the Smart Security option and tap on the scan button.
    After this, the process of scanning the TV will start.

How to Protect Android Smart TV From Hackers and Malware attacks

Most Smart TVs work on Google’s official operating system Android. Since no app is yet designed in such a way that it can work on TV. Therefore users have to download and install antivirus app apk file. But keep in mind that you download antivirus software only from a trusted source.

  • Now transfer it to TV using the Thump Drive and install it.
  • After installing, run the app and scan the TV.

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Tips to Protect Smart TV From Hackers and Malware attacks

  • We suggest you constantly update your smart TV firmware and the apps.
  • Purchase smart TVs from reputable vendors that have a good track record and releasing security updates.
  • Avoid connecting untrusted USB sticks to the TV because they might contain malware.

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