How to send whatsapp message using google search

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Now, You can send Whatsapp message to your contacts without opening the WhatsApp app, for that you have to use the Google app’s search feature. Erlier we learned how to Send WhatsApp Voice Messages Using Google Assistant now we’ll learn How to send whatsapp message using google search.

Users can still send WhatsApp messages from Google smartphones through the Google Assistant. There is another such feature, under which if you use Android smartphones and you have the latest version of Android then you can send Whatsapp app message directly from Google Search.

Yeahh! Its true, now Google search empowers you to send Whatsapp message directy from Google Search.

For this, you’ll have to use the Google app on your smartphone.

Learn, How to send whatsapp message using google search?

Step 1: Many times you are searching something on the Google app and you do not want to open the Whatsapp app. In this case, go directly to the Google app’s search bar and type Whatsapp. Here you will find an option below the search bar. Send a WhatsApp message will look the top.

Step 2: Under the Send a WhatsApp message, you will find the option of To and Message. By tapping on To, you can select the contact whom you want to send the message to.

Step 3: Right below you will get the option to type the message.

Step 4: Please Type the message and click on the send icon. The message will go via WhatsApp to your selected contact. Here’s how you do not need to open the app to send WhatsApp messages.

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Let me tell you, that this feature is for Android smartphones and we have checked it in the iPhone, but these options are not available here. So you might have to wait for some time to use this feature.

However, to send such WhatsApp messages, your smartphone should have a Whatsapp app and obviously the Whatsapp Account should also be activated so that you can send the Whatsapp message by using the Google search bar.

How to send whatsapp message using google Assistant

To send WhatsApp messages through Google Assistant, you can use the Send WhatsApp message command by saying “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”.

After this you will also get a similar option which can send direct Whatsapp messages without using the Whatsapp app or without using it.

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