How to Stop Fake Facebook Friend Requests? In just 30 second process

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Most of you people might be using Facebook at least for once in a day. It is obvious that there will be so many friends you have on Facebook too. Generally, if you have a friend request of someone who knows us then you and most of us immediately accept the friend request, but now you do not have to do this. We are saying this because you can become an online fraud victim with just seeing the profile picture and accepting a fake facebook friend request.

How to Stop Fake Facebook Friend Request? | Watch Video

Do not accept friend request just seeing the profile photo

Actually, online cheaters have taken a new way to fraud Facebook peoples. These cheaters first investigate your Facebook profile. After that, they create an ID with your name and put the profile photo by taking it from your real ID. After this, these online scammers send a friend request to your closest friends. Now, as soon as the profile of your name and your photo ID is sent to your friend as a friend request, they get it approved without thinking and interpreting it.

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After that these thieves ask for money by referring compulsion. In such a situation, if you think that your friend is under compulsion, you also transfer money, but in reality, your friend does not have asked for money or gets money.

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So, you have to leave any of your habit of accepting a friend request and trusting someone on the basis of chatting. Be careful, otherwise, you can be a victim of online fraud.

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