Want to increase your Twitter Followers, Try this TESTED trick !

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If you are into search, how to increase Twitter followers? then you are on the right page. There are several paid promotions campaigns and other lengthy strategies but it will consume too much of your time and Money.

Want to increase your Twitter Followers, Try this TESTED trick, really ! If you are using a blog or a website you can put Twitter profile widget on it. The advantage of this is trick is that when any person comes to your blog or website he will also be able to see and follow your Twitter profile.

TEchnogot twitter widget

The website or blog can also include widgets that not only allow follow Twitter profiles, but also show your latest tweets.

Steps to fit Widgets on your Blog/Website

To create Twitter profile widgets, go to https://twitter.com/settings/widgets/ Here’s the option to ‘Create New’ on the top.

After clicking on the widget, the options for ‘profile’, ‘tweets’ and ‘likes’ will appear. If you want your profile to be placed on the widgets blog, click on the ‘profile’ option. After this a new webpage will open. Put your Twitter profile’s URL in it.

On this page, a HTML code will be provided on Twitter. Copy and paste this code into any of your blogs.

And that’s it you are now ready to use this feature.

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