Instagram launches web portal, parents to get safety knowledge for children

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Children’s social media usage has rapidly increased over the past few years. Problem Starts when usage becomes an addiction. Currently, good and destructive aspects of social interactions are taking place around the globe behind screens on apps like Instagram. Blue whale and Momo Challenge are the live examples.

To help parents, Instagram has released a parents guide through a new parent portal to help them understand how their teen children use the Instagram and give them in-depth support to lead discussions about online safety without harming privacy.

Children’s social media habit is converting into addiction. In such a situation, it becomes impossible for the parents to keep monitor their social media activity at all times. Most of the parents are also worried because of this situation. To help Parents, Facebook-owned popular photo and video sharing platform Instagram has launched the ‘Well-Being’ website.

This website ( ) will give Basic Instructions of Instagram and internet safety knowledge to parents and aware them against children’s safety. This website will warn children and guardians regarding safety concern. The Instagram app is very popular in the world among children and young people, and people much more active on this app.

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Through this website, Instagram will inform that the children’s online activism habit has reached to the alarming situation.

Instagram’s Well-being website will provide you a basic introduction to the photo and video sharing app and introduces caring parents to the safety measures that they — and perhaps their children, may not be aware of.

It encourages parents to ask their teens about mental well being through online comments, how well they know their community/followers and how children decide what to post on various Instagram accounts.

A statement on Twitter read: “We feel a great responsibility to make sure Instagram is a supportive community for teens to do and share what they love, and now we have a new resource to make sure parents feel informed and empowered to help guide them.”

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