iPhone 8 wireless charging feature, spearheaded by this VIDEO

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A new charging sound has been heard in the iOS 11 beta version. It is being speculated that iPhone 8 will have wireless charging. MAKS + (MacRumors first seen) posted a 7-second video on YouTube, with a new sound.

The name of this sound file is ‘engage_power.caf’, which is different from the old file ‘connect_power.caf’. This sound file alerts on connecting the smartphone to the

According to the MacRumors report, “However, both types of files are relayed with sound charging, but it is difficult to confirm why this new file has been added,
hence the fact that wireless charging in the iPhone 8 is just speculation.”

Wireless charging technology, the expected feature of the iPhone 8. According to reports to make wireless charging easier, a big circular pad will also be installed in
the iPhone 8.

According to Forbes.com’s report, Apple will sell its own wireless charger to its customers, which will make by the Luxshare company.

iPhone 8 will have a 5.8-inch display. Touch ID will be embedded at the bottom of the screen. In addition, the smartphone will have a dual-curved display. However, it
will not have a Home button.

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