IPhone could be hacked too … Surfing website may be dangerous on Safari

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IPhone could be hacked too

How easy is it to hack iphone? Very difficult, people say so! But indeed an iphone could also be hacked!

Now whether it is iPhone XR or iPhone XS, these phones run on iOS 12. There are often reports of Android phone hacking, viruses, malware, etc., iPhone is something known best for security. Google’s Project Zero, a team of cyber security researchers, has reported that they found an exploit earlier this year, which showed that the iPhone could be hacked through a website. If iPhone users open a Malicious website through the Safari browser, then the phone can be hacked.

This bug is so serious that hackers can load the monitoring code in iPhone as soon as the website is opened. With this, hackers can track the user and also keep an eye on their activities.

Google finds proofs of attempted mass iPhone hack

The Google Threat Analysis Group received a small collection of hack websites earlier this year. In this analysis they found that, only by opening that website, the device could be attacked. According to the group’s recommendation, thousands of visitors visits the site every week. It is believed that Project Zero has the staff of the best cyber security experts and is finding serious security bugs in tech products made by Har Gogol and for other companies such as Apple and Microsoft. In simple words, if you use iPhone, then make sure that you are using iOS 12.1.4 or newer.

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