Is Uber a Taxi Company or App? Europe’s top court to decide

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There is a dispute in Europe that whether Uber is a general taxi company or company based in the app based cab services.

The European Union’s top court will decide on whether the Uber is Cab-based services provider is a normal taxi company or not. This issue can prove another problem for the recent reversal of controversy. Local taxi drivers and officials have been accused of violating local rules.

This case has also emerged at a time when a driver of Uber has accepted the attempt of rape and murder of a British Embassy employee in Beirut, Lebanon this week. Uber claims to serve in more than 600 cities around the globe. However, it had to face strong opposition from taxi companies and other competitors. They say that Uber gets an exemption from expensive and expensive licensing and training of vehicles and drivers.

This case has been filed in Barcelona by a taxi organization in Barcelona. It is believed that Uber is a taxi company and should follow the rules required for this category.

Senior Advocate General of the court, Masiage Spooner, had said in May that despite the innovation, the emergence comes under the purview of transport. He said, “Uber should fulfill the need of the necessary licenses and approvals under national law.” Uber said in response to this that there will be minor changes, but innovation will have a bad effect.

The Uber spokesman said, “Being a transport company, there will not be any change in the rules being regulated by us in most European countries. However, it will affect the improvement in the old rules, which at a single click disables millions of Europeans from the convenience of cabs. “The court judges usually follow the advice given by the Advocate General. It is worth mentioning that Uber is going through legal problems in many European countries including Spain, France and England.

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