Location sharing without internet, Explained

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Many people use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide an address or location as both GPS and WhatsApp can be run from the Internet. But, what if your internet is not working? To avoid such a problem, you can share your location with another person without even the internet. Let’s find out Location sharing without internet.

Location sharing without internet Step by step

Step 1: If the smartphone does not have internet connectivity, then the user must first open the Google Maps app in his phone.

Step 2: After this, the user needs to know his location on Google Maps. For this, he can take the name of the colony, block and landmark located nearby. For example, if the user is in somewhere in Delhi, then he will have to search street address or block on Google Maps.

Step 3: After that, reach a landmark nearby that is being shown on Google Maps. Keep touching that place for a while. After doing this, the location will become a red dot.

Step 4: There will be three options on the bottom of the phone screen. The first option will be available for Direction, the second one is for Share and the last one will be for Save.

Step: 5: To share the location, click on the share option. Then, select the text message option. After this, you can share that location with the person you know or ask for the address.

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Direction Without internet

However, the point to note is that Google Maps can only show the way to reach places that have already been saved in Google Maps. Before using this feature, we recommend that you download maps of the particular place before using this feature.

offline google map

How to download Google Maps offline?

To download Google Maps according to your need, first search the name of the place where you want to go. After that, at the bottom direction will appear in a box, click on that box. Keep in mind that instead of alternating the option l, click on the box next to it. After that, the box will climb up to the top of the screen.

Here, you’ll find the way to download maps from four options, click on it. After that, it will provide you the box to select the particular place, from which you can download as per the requirement.

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