How to merge duplicate contacts on phone in one click?

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how to remove duplicate contacts from android- Technogot

If you are an Android or iOS smartphone user then I am sure there will be trouble with the duplicate contacts in your phonebook. It happens usually when we change the smartphone. Generally, Most of the mobile phone users copy the contact number to SIM and then sync with the e-mail ID as well. In this case, the same contact begins to appear 2-3 or 4 times in the new phone. So, what is the right way to get rid of this problem? Technogot has brought the solution. I guarantee by just going through this article you’ll fix duplicate contacts problem. Let’s start How to merge duplicate contacts on phone in one click?

Normally, There are two ways to fix this problem. The first method is with the help of mobile app and the other way is with the help of Gmail.

Merge duplicate contacts on phone via App

First of all, download the Simpler Merge Duplicates app from the Google Play Store. When the app is open, all contacts in the phone will be scanned automatically.

Now you will see all the contacts in the phone with duplicate contacts in this app. Now click on merge button. After this, all your duplicate contacts will be deleted and the original contact will be saved.

Delete duplicate contacts with the help of Gmail

First, log in to Gmail and click on the mail that appears below Google in the mail. You will now see the contacts. Click on it. All your contact numbers will be revealed as soon as you click on it.

Now you will get the Find Duplicates option. You can then delete them by clicking on the duplicate contact. You can also merge them.

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