MG Hector, India’s first internet-enabled car to be launched in June

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mg hector car

Connected cars have been in the news for quite some time. The upcoming MG Hector will mark the entry in India and will be India’s second connected car after the Hyundai Venue. This will be the first connected car experience which MG has recently previewed. MG Hector, India’s first internet-enabled car to be launched in June is upcoming connected car which may bring revolution in the automobile industry.

UK automobile company MG Motor has developed India’s first internet car MG Hector in partnership with several technology companies. This car with 5G internet connectivity will be launched in the market in June.

The car is completely buttonless. There is no need to use any button to raise the mirror in the car or to speed up the AC and play the song. All these things can be done by voice commands. It will also work on less internet connectivity.

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You would be able to ask the car, which restaurant, school or playground is nearby. The car will also tell itself the way to go. This information was given by MD Rajiv Chhaba, MD of MG Motor India, in a program organized in Aerocity on Tuesday. Not only features but security features are also included in the car with the latest technology.

mg hector

MG Hector with a 10.4-inch screen with Internet connectivity

The car will have a smart touch head unit with a 10.4-inch touch screen, which will work like a smartphone. The whole system can be controlled with touch or voice commands.

The car will have 5G M2M SIM and it will ensure that it is always connected to the Internet.

It has been developed in partnership with Cisco and Airtel. Smartphones and other devices in the car can also get Internet from the car’s internet system. The Touch

Head unit of the car is equipped with many other facilities. This car will have Gaana App for music, apart from it will be able to watch videos and weather forecast the feature will be available.

Control YOU MG Hector even with several kilometers away

This car is equipped with an iSmart app. Through this, the car can be used to close the app, increase the AC, and see the inside temperature from your smartphone.

When the app is turned on, it will scan the car and tell the location of the car, the air in the tire and the lock position of the door. The remote app will be used to lock or unlock the car, turn on the engine or turn on the air-conditioner.

MG Hector will send emergency messages

The Internet car also developed with emergency services feature, which will be linked to the company’s 24-hour helpline. If the car’s airbags open suddenly, the emergency call will automatically be done. Apart from this, the message of danger will go with the location on any of the two emergency numbers already saved by the user in the car.

MG Hector car features

The carmaker claims to have an over-the-air (OTA) update in a car for the first time. Now you do not need to take the car to the showroom for software updates. The Internet will automatically update from time to time.

Next Generation Car

MG Hector ismart Next Generation Car has full internet connectivity, map and navigation service, voice assistant, pre-loaded information content, emergency service.

-Remote and control from the mobile app (oil, AC, glass, lock, speed, Tyre Air, etc.)
-Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Capacity
-Remote tracking, Automatic Emergency Response (E-call)
-Gaana App
-The information system can be connected to Apple Car Play, Android Auto and Mirror Link.
-360-degree parking camera, panoramic sunroof, leather seat, and cruise control

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