Microsoft plans to store Data in DNA soon

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Microsoft is planning to store data in DNA standards. Architectors of the company have revealed this information.

According to news published in MIT and Nature News, Microsoft is expected to have an operational storage system using DNA within a data center by the end of the decade.

At this time, the best and cheapest way to collect a lot of information in small places is magnetic tape, Which can keep the information for up to 30 years but the data generation speed has surpassed the limit from which magnetic tapes has become less helpful.

Microsoft’s computer artists are considering a biological material such as DNA, In which a large amount of digital information can be collected, Whose ability is to collect data in a very small space for more than 70 years.

However, scientists facing a challenge to record data as a nucleic acid sequence.

Reports: microsoft data store in dnaTECHNOGOT

Reports have also reported the expenses behind this research worth $8 lakh. Which means that it will take time for general usage and to replace existing storage resources.

According to science alert reports, The cost of gene sequencing has been reduced by new technology, so Microsoft can fulfill its goal.
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