The next-gen upgrade to SMS, What is RCS Messaging, and How Does It Work?

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On December 2, 1992, the 22-year-old engineer Neil Papworth made the world’s first SMS (short messaging service), since then, there have been many changes in it. By the way, first SMS was not written from mobile but written from the computer with the text “Merry Christmas”. After this, telecom operators started sending SMS plans around the globe for mobile phones, even though in the era of WhatsApp and Facebook, some of you may have made a distance from SMS, but many marketing companies have made their product marketing and other works through it.

The same SMS form is going to change once again. Now SMS is already coming up with fast and other features. The name of this new form is RCS. 43 telecom companies are working together for this. SMS will not only improve but will also add several other features such as sending photos with messages. Google has given all the information about RCS messaging on its blog.

What is RCS technology?

First of all, know that its full form is Rich Communication Service, which is a kind of SMS service but there is a slight upgrade service, it will also offer high-resolution photos and group chat features. Like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp! Apart from this, many other features will also be added in this upgrade.

What are the benefits of RCS?

Just like that, whatever SMS now receives, there is either a link to a site or text, but after the new technology upgrade, you will be able to send directly photo & group chatting media files.

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