NO Challans anymore; Google Maps to instantly alert you for speed!

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Google map speedometer

Many times when we drive, challans have been roll out due to over speed. We don’t even know when the speed limit has increased. To overcome this problem, Google has introduced a new version of Google Maps for its Android platform. Under this, Maps will show you in which speed you are driving your car.

In this case, if the speed limit crosses, it will prompt you and will save you from the challan which may be due to the over-speed limit. This feature has been named the ‘Speedometer’.

This feature will take the user into the settings that can be manually turned on. This feature has been introduced after rollout of Speed Limit Feature.

How Google Map Speedometer will help?

This feature will give you information on how much speed limit should be on any route. It will alert the driver whether he is driving inside the speed limit or not.

When the speedometer feature is turned on, the driving speed will be shown on the bottom left portion of the Google Maps screen.

The speed indicator will change colors to read if you go over the speed limit, thus informing you immediate whether you are breaking traffic rules by over speeding. If you are driving more than speed limit then this indicator will turn red.

This will also eliminate the possibility of the challan cut by the traffic police due to over-speed limit.

Note: Sometimes the results may be delayed due to the Internet speed of your phone. Always keep an eye on your car’s speedometer.

How to turn on or off Google map speedometer?

This is how you can turn on Speedometer app in Google Maps

Firstly, open Google Maps on your Android device. Tap Menu Settings and go to Navigation settings. Under “Driving options,” turn on/off Speedometer

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