Now order food through Facebook, New feature introduced

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To order food through Facebook, a new feature is being released, called ‘Order Food’. The purpose of this feature from the social networking website Facebook is to make the user spend time on its platform, not to use different apps for other things. Facebook has given the new option ‘Order Food’ on the web and mobile platforms to order food online. This ‘order food’ feature is currently available for a select user and it has been made available for the American user first.

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This new feature becomes reality due to Facebook’s partnership with and Slice in the US. Tech website called TechCrunch reports that the option shows up on Facebook’s sidebar or the app’s main menu. By clicking on it, the Order Food option throws up all the supported restaurants from which you want to get your desired food. It will also share some helpful items like Restaurant pictures, cousins, ratings and of course the Price.

The feature has a start order button at the bottom, which will redirect you to the selected restaurant page when you’ll click on an order. After this process, you can enter a delivery address or switch to pickup.

This feature is so simple that any person can easily understand its process. Meanwhile, Facebook has no plans to release this feature in other countries. Facebook has confirmed this new feature from TechCrunch.

From the facebook user’s point of view, he/she won’t opt other food order related websites/apps after this feature. And yes, of course, other than social networking work can be done from facebook.

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