One Plus OxygenOS 9.5 is Bigger and Better! Offers plenty of great features

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The Smartphone Company, One Plus, recently has launched One Plus 7 and One Plus 7 Pro on May 14. This new model of One Plus is being praised from every corner of the world. In the case of processor and camera, this phone is quite flexible, as well as its OS is also different from the rest of the phones.

This One Plus 7 series comes with OxygenOS9.5, which has many great features. This will give users faster and smoother experience. One Plus has made this kind of changes after the suggestion from their One Plus community. Apart from this, it is for the first time that One Plus has added many features to its new Smartphone, keeping some of the areas in mind.

India is an important market for One Plus, so some of the features Indians have got separately, which will be rollout in Oxygen OS’s Open Beta Build at the end of June. To give these features to users, One Plus had created a team and had also taken feedback from the people of One Plus community.

Let’s know what the Global Features and Indian FEATURES are in the One Plus 7 series.

Global Features

Fnatic Mode

Gaming mode in One Plus is a favorite feature. Therefore, with the growing demand of the gamers, OnePlus has made an agreement with Fnatic. It is one of the most successful e-sports teams in the world. After this agreement, the users are getting Fnatic Mode in OxygenOS9.5. This will completely change the Smartphone’s gaming performance. This mode boosts networks and background performance to give users a better and professional gaming experience.

OnePlus Oxygen OS 9.5

Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is a very important feature in the One Plus 7 series. As the name suggests, you can record the screen with this feature and also share it with your friends. Considering the suggestions of the people of the community, One Plus has provided this feature. This feature makes smart phones even cooler.

Screenshot Editor

One Plus was found to improve the gallery editor in the San Francisco Open Years Forum. Actually users showed great interest in blurring and highlighting the photos. That’s why the Screenshot Editor was created. This editing tool of One Plus is quite different from ordinary photo editing. This saves users time and users can share screenshots fast.

Quick Reply for IM

One Plus is also offering features to its users in the fast and smarter way of delivering messages via OxygenOS9.5! Actually users expresses that they have trouble using apps. One Plus considered the problems of the users and added Quick Reply to IM feature to its phone. In this, users can watch continuously without pausing the video.

Zen Mode

Today, we spend maximum time on smart phones because we have addicted to the phones and cannot even think of giving time to Family, Friends and the loved ones. Noticing this habit of the users, One Plus has brought a new feature Zen mode to its Smartphone. Through this feature, you can take a break from your Smartphone for about 20 minutes. The Zen Mode feature is beneficial for users, who are addicted to their smart phones, and who constantly use the phone.

Oxygen os Sample

Indian Features

Work-Life balance

In today’s time it is very difficult to live without Smartphones. Along with using Smartphone’s for entertainment we also do some work. With the increasing of the smart Phones usage the health is also deterioting day by day of the people.

Keeping this in mind, OnePlus has come with its Work-Life balance feature in OxygenOS9.5. This feature allows users to differentiate their app notifications from work mode and life mode with a simple switch. This will not distract the user and will focus on the work that is important to him.

Smart SMS Visualisation

OTP is very important in online transactions. But occasionally, important messages are buried under the OTP message or promotional message. In such a way, the Smart SMS Visualization App feature can help you. This app shows the contents of the message visually appealing way. With this new feature, users can easily get messages like OTP and with two simple tapes, you can also copy the details.

Caller Identification

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Getting calls from unknown numbers is a major problem in India, which is usually a spam call. The Caller ID feature in Oxygen OS 9.5 is designed for those Indians who cannot detect spam calls and genuine calls. Through this feature, users can filter out these types of calls and save their time without receiving the unnecessary calls.

One Plus Roaming

One Plus Roaming is a very good feature. Through this, users do not need to switch SIM cards or have different international roaming packages. One Plus Roaming is a one-stop destination for keeping users connected to the world. This feature allows users to take roaming packs according to their needs.

Cricket Score through ESPNCricinfo

One Plus knows the importance of cricket in the life of an Indian. Keeping this in mind, he has partnered with ESPNcricinfo. Through this feature, users get to access to the previous match or live scores.


OnePlus Oxygen OS 9.5 is much better than other smart phones. Its OS is designed keeping in mind the everyday problems of people. One Plus has also responded to its community for this. In such a way, if One Plus is proven to be the best Smartphone with many great features then it will not be wrong.

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