OnePlus 5 Before Buying Tips, Top 3 loopholes of the phone

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oneplus 5 TECHNOGOT

Recently launched OnePlus 5 did not win a special heart. Since the launch itself, news of difficulties started coming out in this phone. So if you are thinking of buying one plus 5 then know about these top three problems first …Then you can decide whether you should go for it or not?

Wifi issue

Wifi problem in oneplus 5 - Technogot

Many users are facing trouble with OnePlus 5 Wifi feature. Users complain that connecting wifi to a smartphone makes it difficult to access the internet.

The company has promised to fix it in the coming updates.

Jelly Scroll issue

Jelly Scroll issue - Technogot

Another problem which is coming out in OnePlus 5 is the problem of Jelly Scroll. If you slowly scroll the text on the phone, the text looks very stretched, which is called jelly scrolling effect.

 Shaky 4k videos

Shakey video -Technogot

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) does not exist for 4K videos in OnePlus 5. Which means that when you record a video from a smartphone, Shakey Video Quality (Shake) will appear. The company has said that in coming updates, this problem will be solved.

Earlier, many users had said that this smartphone is taking the time to scroll content on Twitter feeds and web pages, and it is taking the time to open content also.

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