OnePlus 5 Waterproof or not? Here’s the Answer

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The dilemma about whether the OnePlus5 smartphone is ‘Water resistant’ or not is continued among the users. The company has not yet officially confirmed its water regions. In such a conditions there is a report which can bring trouble for OnePlus 5 users.

The report claims that OnePlus5 is a very less ‘water-registrations’. After a water resistance test users have been advised not to put this smartphone in water, and to save with direct touch of water.

This is not the first time that such reports are coming out about the OnePlus5 smartphone. On Thursday, this smartphone was noticed about the problem of ‘jelly scrolling effect’. However, there has been no statement on such reports from the company.

Many users said that this smartphone is taking the time to open content while scrolling on Twitter & Instagram feed and web page. This smartphone was launched June 22 in India and globally on June 20.

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