This online game is helpful to stop Fake News

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Recently a new online game has been launched, in which some behaviors like Trolling and Fake Profiles have been promoted. In this new game, players can become ‘Fake News Tycoon’ while working against increasing wrong information on the Internet.

A team of Cambridge University is working with Dutch media to prepare the English version of this game. The main objective of this online game is to make people aware of the growing Fake News on the Internet. In the game, the player has to create an audience for a fictional Fake News site and to dispel fear, anger, and distrust by tampering with online content. In this game, it is emphasized to publish a falsehood, to troll on Twitter, to tamper with evidence and to spread false theories.

Sanders Vander Leiden, director of the Social Decision-Making Lab at Cambridge University, said, “If you find yourself behaving like a person who is trying to deceive you constantly, then you have the ability to recognize such efforts and increase their fighting ability. it happens.’ He said, “We are trying to developmental attributes so that some resistant power can be found to fight the wrong information spreading rapidly.” This psychological theory has been named ‘Inoculation’.

Some researchers from Cambridge University had found in their study last year that if people are told that how people spread and spread the news, then they work as a psychological vaccine to fight these wrong information. To prepare this online game, a pilot study has been prepared on the students of Dutch high school in which it found that children playing this game have lost faith in Fake News. Now many other countries are preparing to make this game a translation in their own language.

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