Planning to buy Smartphone? Chance to get cheaper phones before GST implementation

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Recently a Flipkart and Amazon-like e-commerce website organized a ‘mega sale’, in which they gave heavy discounts on smartphones. Those who have missed that sale from e-commerce companies doesn’t need to feel sad as there a chance to get cheaper phones before July 1, 2017.

Actually, GST (Goods & Service tax) is going to get implemented all over the India on July 26, 2017. According to the news sources, retailers and telecom brands are likely to offer attractive discounts on handsets in the coming days before the GST Implementation to execute the old stock.

Expert Analysis:

According to telecom experts, some smartphone brands will offer discounts directly to customers using an online or offline option. On the other side, retailers are likely to offer cheaper prices for non-sell-out stock disbursements.

The GST council has set a 12 percent rate on the ‘cellular networks‘, telephone and their production of products’. This is likely to increase the price of most phones by 4-5% compared to what it is now.

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