Pokémon Go in the Top 5 on App Store

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Pokémon Go game has finally added in the top 5 downloaded apps in Apple App Store.

Pokémon Go mobile game was launched in India last year since then the popularity of this game rapidly increasing. This virtual reality game is also in the headlines for many wrong reasons. Many countries are trying to stop this mobile game. Pokémon Go in the Top 5 on App Store.

The other name in the list includes Pandora Music and Radio, Netflix, Candy Crush Saga, Clash Royale and at fifth Pokémon Go. The latest version of Pokémon Go has overhauled gym systems. as per the new version, 20 people can play together. The Pokémon Go Fest event is being organized soon.


All you want to know about Pokémon Go

Here, you should have information that some private information will be asked for you to play Pokémon games. At the same time, you will have a trailer to catch Pokémon. You can customize this trailer. At the same time, according to the situation, Pokémon changes its place. For this search, you can go to any part of your city and according to that Pokémon also changes the situation. At the same time, when you open this game, you get the camera, map and GPS all activated. When a pokémon appears, swipe it on the screen and catch it.

Pokémon Go uses Google Maps. For example, if you are near a lake, then you have to find water pokémon, if you are in the forest or park then you have to look for grass or bug type Pokemon. It becomes difficult to catch pokémon. Pokémon seems to be quite powerful.

Overall it can be said that through this game you will get a new kind of gaming experience.

Keep in mind that without the Internet it can not be played. On the other hand, due to heavy graphics and GPS and camera being active, there will be a lot of battery draining problem will be occurred.

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