PUBG vs Fortnite vs Apex Legends: Which game is best?

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According to game users data, PUBG spots at no.1 with 40 million users.

These days, Battleground games are becoming quite popular worldwide, including India, Considering the popularity of these games in computers, these games have also been launched for mobile users, which are preferred by most users.

When Unknown Battle Ground i.e. PUBG launched last year, The game’s popularity increased as soon as the game was launched for mobile phone users.

After that many of the Battleground games were launched, like Fortnite and Apex Legends has brought good attaraction.

Today we’ll find out which gamne is best? PUBG vs Fortnite vs Apex Legends

PUBG vs Fortnite vs Apex Legends: Users and Game Plays

PUBG vs Fortnite vs Apex Legends Users and Game Plays-min

The mobile version of both the popular PUBG and Fortnite games was launched in 2017. The Apex Legends game has been launched earlier this year. At present the mobile version of this game is yet to be launched.

The same PUBG and Fortnite can be played in mobile as well as in play stations and computers. In the case of game users, PUBG is at number one with 40 million users, while Fortnite has 20 million users, while the newcomers Apex Legends have more than 5 million users within a few days.

In terms of game play these three games are somewhat similar. Here you have to stay alive till the end, killing your enemies i.e. the other players. Many features are similar in PUBG and Fortnite but have a new feature construction element.

These games are similar to some ‘clash of clans’. At the same time Apex Legends is the first person shooting, that is the FPS game. Here, gamers can play games with 8 different characters with different capability. Gamers characters can not change until the game is over.

Map, Weapons and Looks of PUBG vs Fortnite vs Apex Legends

All The three games come in different maps in PUBG and Apex Legends. At the same time, the Fortnite game has the same map. But, they keep updating this map from time to time.

Out of all three, PUBG keeps releasing the map as well as updating the old maps. All maps of Apex Legends offer different types of weapons, which facilitate game play.

Apex Legends is currently only available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4. This is a battle royal game in which 100 players are sent in one map, and the player who survives till the end wins.

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This game is currently supporting 3 players simultaneously. Its Solo and Duo options will be introduced soon.

In these three games, gamers get almost identical weapons, guns and bombs. In the case of weapons, PUBG’s weapons give more real friction than the other two.

PUBG also leaves both games far behind in the game’s look, not just weapons. While the Fortnite game has cartoon characters, the characters of Apex Legends are like a fiction movie. New weapons and many other features getting updated every season for all three games.

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