Reddit and Telegram like Websites can be banned in India!

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Internet service providers in India can block websites and apps like Reddit and Telegram forever on their network. According to news agency Reuters, in India, Internet provider group has also blocked the comedy site CollegeHumor, although Reddit and telegram can still be accessed, although it has not yet been clear about the blocking of this website.

While looking at the recent few days, it will come to know that the sites like telegram and comedy site CollegeHumor have been closed several times in many areas, with the Reddit, Messaging Services. At the same time, the CollegeHumor is still blocked. The message pops out on the desktop, that the site has been blocked after the orders from the Government of India and Telecommunication Ministry.

250 websites have been banned on the network

Additional Director of the Internet Freedom Foundation, Apar Gupta said, “It is not understood what is happening after all. Many websites have been blocked without any notification. ‘He further said that 250 websites have been blocked on the network of Jio, Airtel, and Hathway since January 2019.

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Screenshots have clearly shown that the users are getting the message when the website is opened that the site has been blocked after the orders from the Government of India and the Ministry of Telecommunications. There have not yet been any official statement from Jio and Hathaway on this matter.

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At the same time, Airtel has said that they support an open Internet and they do not block any site or content on their network without any official order.

You also might have information that torrent sites have already been discontinued in India. Apart from this, many websites showing pornographic videos have been blocked by companies such as Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone on their network.

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