Reliance Jio’s JioTV now on the desktop, How to watch JioTV on a laptop?

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Reliance Jio has quietly launched a web version of its JioTV live streaming service. Prior to JioTV, JioCinema is the second such service of JIO, whose web version has been launched. With the new feature, users can now view all live TV shows through a web browser. (ie. you can now catch all the live tv shows in your office too, isn’t it funny huuhh ?)

To access the web version of Jio TV and Jio Cinema, click on these links.  Both of these web versions are similar to the app and they are available for Android and iOS. The information of the Jio TV was first given by TelecomTalk website. Users on Jio TV have been given all TV channel categories, including Entertainment, Movie, News, and Sports. Along with this, there is also the option to filter the HD channel compared to Regular Standard Definition (SD) equivalents.

There is also the option of choosing your favorite regional language channels in the web version of Jio TV. The catch-up feature is also present so that users will be able to view the contents of the last seven days.

For JioTV or Jio Cinema on the web, you must log in to their website. For which a valid user id and password will be required. Unlike the App version, you do not have to have a live mobile network in order to access the web version. It is expected that the company has taken this step so that users can view their favorite channels even if they are connected to Wi-Fi or other mobile networks.

On the other hand, Jio Cinema is for a user who wants the option of watching their favorite movie on the big screen on their PCs and laptops.

Reliance Jio’s JioTV and JioCinema app do not have separate app support for Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast or Apple TV. In June this year, some changes were made to the Jio TV IOS app for a better experience on the iPhone and iPad.

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