RummyCircle: A catalyst in the development of online gaming in India

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Do you remember playing Tetris on electronic console? Since then video games have taken a long journey from cabled games to virtual reality games.

Today in India, a whole empire of online video gaming, adventure and skill based gaming has been created.

Here we will focus on the reasons for their popularity and the possibilities ahead in this field.

History of online gaming in India

Video gaming in India began in the 90s, which was out of reach for the majority of the population due to the high prices of consoles, non-availability of cheap equipment, and lack of awareness. In the early 21st century, online games began to become available on console and personal computers, which led to a huge increase in the number of users.

Video games were not the only reason for the failure, but games at the time had their own limitations and were available in only a few genres or genres, not as we see now. Finally, there was no local market for online games in India and it remained mostly as an outsourcing hub for game development services, although the foundation for its development had been laid.

The credit for completely transforming the online gaming industry in India goes to smartphones. These devices are inexpensive, multipurpose, and more accessible than personal computers and gaming console. Games can be downloaded anywhere, anytime with a touch of the screen and a good Internet connection.

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Types of online gaming

Today, a variety of games are available in the market, among which puzzles, action and adventure are at the top. While action games are very popular on the one hand, card based games are also very popular due to the need for qualification in a particular way. According to a report by KPMG, 14 to 12 percent of gamers said that they would choose a skill-based and strategy-based game over other games.

RummyCircle Card game online availability

The rise in popularity of online games has given a new identity to ancient card and board games which have been an integral part of Indian civilization for centuries. One of these is Rummy which is a very popular game played at festivals, family functions and other social events. The huge market potential of online games remained untouched for a long time before Rummycircle arrived.

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With the potential for online gamers to reach 310 million by 2021, it has become more necessary than ever for companies to understand user interest before designing games. Digital versions of well-known card games such as Rummy are becoming popular among enthusiasts and people who sharpen their mental skills. Today Rummy is one of the most popular games in India’s online gaming scene.

Online gaming platforms such as Rummycircle always provide the opportunity to play rummy with a variety of competitions and prizes. Such an enthusiastic approach of companies has revolutionized the online gaming sector. The easy availability of smartphones and the internet has given online card games a new height.

Rummy has changed things drastically during the time of online gaming. Apart from helping its loved ones enhance their mental abilities, it has also opened up avenues for other card games. Online rummy games have given people the opportunity to play the game as per their convenience with winning attractive gifts.

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