How to save aadhar card from misuse?

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All of us are very scared and suspicious about the confidentiality of Aadhaar numbers. Because the Aadhar number is used for different work in today’s date. In this case, the fear of misuse of it remains. Recently, there was news of breaking data in the media, misuse of biometric data, and personal informabiometricIndian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) has introduced ‘Virtual ID’ to overcome the fears arising from these reports.

Technogot has prepared a list of top four processes which can save your Aadhar card details from misuse. So let’s start getting ideas How to save aadhar card from misuse?

Check the history of Aadhar authentication

You may also know if your Aadhar data has been used for authentication. You should go to UIDAI’s Aadhar authentication history page. Enter your Aadhar number here and also the cap code you see in the picture. Then click Generate OTP. You will get the one time password on your phone via SMS. On the next page, UIDAI will facilitate filtering different authentication requests.

You can filter biometrics, demographic and other ways. You can also check here between a specific date. Its range is 6 months. The last field is OTP. Enter the OTP here and click on the subset. After this you will be able to see detailed details of the Aadhar authentication request.

Here’s the date, time and how the authentication has happened, all these information will be found. However, you will not know which company or agency used the Aadhar data for authentication.

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Use Virtual Aadhaar ID from March 1

Virtual ID will be a 16 digit number with biometrics. From this, the mobile company or any other authorized agency will get the name, address, and photo of the consumer, which is sufficient for verification. Virtual ID will be based on the Aadhar number of any person. Officials said that any cardholder can create any number of virtual IDs. The old one will be automatically canceled after creating a new virtual ID. Through this, many other works can be done, including verification of SIM without sharing an Aadhar number.

Lock the Aadhar biometric data online

There have also been many cases where people have accused the misuse of Aadhar biometric authentication. There are many people who have not even used their Aadhaar card for several days, but they have received an email from UIDAI that their data has been accessed through biometric authentication. You can avoid this situation if you lock the biometric information by visiting the UIDAI server. You can also unlock it before it is used. You have to do this.

Do not share the information related to anyone

Always keep in mind that no government institution or bank ever asks you to provide confidential and personal information such as Aadhaar number through phone or email. If you receive such a phone or email, never give information about your Aadhar public.

Remember that you do not have to take a copy of the Aadhar everywhere. If you wish, you can keep a support app, or download a copy of Aadhaar card.

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