Schedule WhatsApp message with this trick!

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Many times it happens that you are messing with someone on Whatsapp, and suddenly you miss conversation or important message by engaging in other important work and forget to send a message.

But did you know that Whatsapp messages can also be scheduled? So let’s know what is the best way to schedule a message on WhatsApp?

First of all, let me clear with one thing that there is no official feature of scheduling messages in WhatsApp. To schedule a message in WhatsApp, you need to download an app from Google Play Store. Yes, that app actually works to schedule your WhatsApp messages.

On Apps Store, there are so many apps available for schedule messages but we’ll recommend you Scheduler for WhatsApp. Click Install to get this Application.

Steps to Schedule WhatsApp message

First, download the “Scheduler for WhatsApp” app from the Play Store. After downloading this app you will be asked for access to which you will have to give permission.

Step 1: Now after installation when the app opens, a pencil icon will appear on the right side, click on it and select the contact for which you want to schedule the message.  In addition to personal contact, you can also choose a group chat as specified in the screenshot.

schedule Whatsapp messages technogot

Step 2: Now you will get the option of typing the message below and this will also give you the option to schedule a message from which you can schedule messages for the day, week, month and year. The message itself will be sent at the set time. here you will be able to edit the message even after scheduling.

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