Sony Permanently Drops Price on Select PS4-Exclusive Games: Full List here

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Good News for Game Lovers. Sony India has permanently dropped the price on a host of select PS4-exclusive games. These are permanent price cuts so you do have to worry, Obviously! In a statement, these games will be marketed under the term ‘PlayStation Hits’.

like other popular games Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War 3 Remastered, and others will now be available at a lower price.

PS4-Exclusive Games: Full List at Rs. 1,499 in India

Everybody’s Golf (previously Rs. 2,499)
Bloodborne Game of the Year Edition (previously Rs. 3,999)
Gravity Rush Remastered (previously Rs. 2,499)
Gravity Rush 2 (previously Rs. 3,999)
Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls Collection (previously Rs. 2,750)
God of War 3 Remastered (previously Rs. 2,750)
The Last Guardian (previously Rs. 3,999)
Infamous Second Son (previously Rs. 3,999)
Wipeout Omega Collection (previously Rs. 2,750)
Until Dawn (previously Rs. 3,999)

Sony PS4 games at Rs. 2,499 in India

Nioh (previously Rs. 3,999)
Horizon Zero Dawn (previously Rs. 3,999)

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