Tech giant Google ties up with doctors to find diseases

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Google is all set to become Dr.Google; You’ll be surprised to know when and How! Accurate information of diseases will now be available in Google Search!

Tech Giant and world’s largest search engine company Google have partnered with qualified doctors. The search engine has tied up with doctors give qualified information curated by them to identify diseases based on symptoms. This information has been given by Ben Gomes, Senior Vice President of Google Search and Assistance.

Interacting with students of St Joseph School, Bengaluru, Ben Gomes responded to a student’s question regarding dealing with inaccuracies on the web in diagnosing diseases.

Google ties up with doctors to find diseases

The students also interacted with Gomes and asked that it may also happen that people may have to face adverse effects due to inaccurate information about diagnosing diseases on search engines. In response to this question, Gomes said that we have done a lot of work on this. We have partnered with many doctors so that the symptoms of any disease can given with accurate information.

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Gomes further also said that doctors will correct the incorrect information given on the search engine also the search engine has information curated by doctors, adding, the curated information of very high quality is obtained from doctors at health care company Mayo Clinic and other medical bodies in different countries.

In this way, people will be able to get the correct information only after searching the symptoms about any disease. Gomes told the students of St Joseph School that we are doing a lot of work to get the right information to the people.

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