This City discontinues Airtel 3G Services

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Telecom company Bharti Airtel has discontinued its 3G network in the Kolkata circle.

Airtel is planning to shut down this services completely across the country in the next two to three quarters. Any Airtel users using the company’s 3G service will be encouraged to use the company 4G services and use their airwaves more efficiently. This will allow the company to earn more revenue.

The company also said that Airtel mobile broadband services in Kolkata are available on high-speed 4G networks.

Airtel said that this is the first step to shut down this technology at the global level.

Airtel CTO Randeep Sakhon said, “We are planning to reform all our 3G spectrum across India and to spread the 4G in a phased manner.”

However, in Kolkata, the company has a 900 MHz band spectrum for 3G is being used which will now be used to strengthen the 4G. This will provide 4G services in 2300 Mhz and 1800 Mhz band.

Earlier, news of the closure of the BSNL company was in the talks. There was a time when BSNL was one of the very few telecom operators to make profits in India.

The operator was getting an annual Rs 10,000 crore profit. Now, the times have changed as BSNL is going through a very serious financial crisis. The company is in debt of approximately Rs 13,000 crore. There have been serveral reports that the company is about to get closed in any time.

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