Tik Tok Ban withdrawn, but why? Company statement on banning

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tik tok ban removed

The Ban has been removed from Tik Tok. The Madurai Bench of Madras High Court has decided to withdraw the ban.

On April 17, Popular Chinese app Tik Tok was removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store in India. The reason was that the Madras High Court had banned it. On April 3, a Tamil Nadu court asked the government to ban the Tik Tok app. The court had to say that Tik Tok promotes pornography.

The court decision came after a PIL in which a person filed a PIL file to Ban Tik Tok. According to an IT Ministry official, after the order of the Madras High Court, the government asked Google and Apple to remove the Tik Tok app from its platform. After all, Google banned the Tik Tok app on April 18 and removed it from its store i.e. stopped downloading.

Company statement after Tik Tok Ban Withdrawal

Madurai Bench of Madras High Court has decided to remove the ban from Tik Tok. The Company statement has arrived after the verdict in which Tik Tok said, “We are happy with this decision and we believe that this decision will also welcome Tik Tok community. We will inadvertently stop the platform from being misused and the work does not end here. We are committed to improving our safety features.

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Although downloads stopped, those who had the Tick Talk app were using it. It is also a loss to the company and according to the report, the company was losing $5 million every day from this ban. Definitely, this is news of great relief for the company. But now it is completely hoped that the company will make some changes in its policy so that it does not happen in the future again.

tik tok ban removed

Why Ban withdrawn from Tik Tok?

Amicus Curiae literally, “friend of the court, whom you can call a nominator or in simple words, the counselor of Tik Talk was Senior Advocate Arvind Datar. Datar has stated in his statement that there can not be any system which is legally valid but not fully judicially completed. Banning this app is not a solution. Right-to-do protection of users is important.

The court has made it clear that the court is concerned only about the protection of online users, especially for children who have cyber crimes against them.

Datar has cited Section 79 of the IT Act saying that, as Facebook cannot be held responsible for any illegal status updated by any person or any illegal message on its platform, exactly Tik Tok cannot be held responsible for Content uploaded on its platform.

Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court has given a remark that India does not have a legacy like COPAA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection) for the safety of children in cyberspace. There is a COPAA for the privacy of children up to 13 years in the US, which was implemented in 2000.

Senior advocate Isaac Mohanlal has told the court on behalf of Tik Tok that Tik Tok has a technology that can ensure that no nude or obscene content is uploaded on this app. Apart from this, Tik Tok has also told the court about the steps taken to prevent such content.

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