TikTok sending data to China, it is dangerous for country’s security: Shashi Tharoor

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There’s no doubt about the popularity of famous social media app TikTok in India. Whether it is Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, TikTok Videos will be available everywhere.

There are continues questions in India against TikTok. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor also questioned in the Lok Sabha (Lower house of India ) on TikTok and termed it as a threat to the security of the country.

Speaking during the Zero Hour in Lok Sabha, Shashi Tharoor said he would like to draw the attention of the House to India’s vulnerability to data leakage and surveillance due to the absence of a robust comprehensive data protection framework.

Describing it as a “national security issue”, Tharoor said he would urge the government to introduce a comprehensive legal framework to protect the fundamental right to privacy and save democracy of the country.

He said, “The data of Indian users in the smartphone, app, social media and Internet are easily available, which can be used for personal gain, profits and political control. Recently, in the US, a penalty of $ 5.7 million i.e. about 39 million rupees has been imposed for collecting data on the TikTok.

Shashi Tharoor citing many reports, said that through this video TikTok app, the Chinese government has access to data from Indian users.

Few months back, India had banned TikTok and it was also removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. There was accusations on the TikTok app that its promoting objectionable and vulgar videos of children. During the hearing of a case, the Madras High Court had instructed the central government to ban Tiktok Application and commented The app is promoting ‘obscenity’.

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