Top apps you must have in your smartphone, November 2017

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Technogot recommends you to always keep these apps on your smartphone. We dare you that they will each your needs.

Many times the apps installed in the smartphone becomes handy at the time of difficulty, which helps solve many of our difficult minutes. Know here that some of the apps that will make your life easier.


must-have apps for your phone - technogot-min

The mobile in our pocket is like a small computer in which we have a lot of personal information. In this way, we must keep apps like AppLock your mobile, so that everything is safe.




Sometimes you need to send a document if needed. In such a situation, this app will be useful to you. With which you can scan your document and send it to anyone from the mobile directly.



Data Sharing App

Many times mobile is proven to be a great deal in terms of data sharing. If you do not have PenDrive or an external device, we share all data via mobile. For which app like Shareit is very important in mobile.



Taxi App

Staying in a taxi app like Ola and Uber can be a great help to you. If you are somewhere trapped and there is not a good public transport system. In this case, with the help of the mobile taxi app, you can reach safely at your house.

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