Twitter Created a Photo Tool That will make you more Look beautiful

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Twitter is never considered the ideal platform to share photos. In its automated photo cropping feature, a significant portion of the photo crops in many places, in which the followers do not understand the need to click to view the entire photo. But, now with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Twitter is going to make its photo tool feature smart.

Twitter has been working for a long time. The user himself does not know which part of his photo via Twitter’s photo crop feature will appear in the Twitter image preview. But, now Twitter is going to present such a photo tool, which will be helpful in determining which part of your photo should be displayed in the tweet.

Through a blog post about how this technology will work, Twitter’s two machine learning researchers, Jahan Veng and Lucas Thiis have shared its full details.

Since the first time when Twitter provided the facility to post photos in 2011, the company is facing challenges of image cropping. But now Twitter’s photo cropping tool will display the most important and essential part of the photo so that people can click on that photo. Researchers are trending on Twitter’s neural network to find the most attractive part of your picture through this tool in a short span of time. In such a way, you will not have to waste time in posting photos.

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