Twitter increases character limit for users to 280 except for these languages

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By eliminating the limit to from 140 to 280 characters twitter has trolled themselves on Twitter. However, for the people who write in Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, the limit of letters will still be 140 because they require very few characters to write anything in these languages.

According to Twitter, 9% of the Tweets in the English language are written in 140 characters, so that users can not complete their tweet in 140 characters.

280 characters tweet

The company said that in September it tested to tweet more than 140 characters so that Twitter users could express themselves in more words. This test brought successful results and now you can tweet in 280 characters. Twitter expects that the increased range will help many people to tweet more.

More changes made with increasing the character limit

Twitter has made a number of changes along with increasing the character limit. It includes a multi-part tweet, screenshots of text block, such as tweets.

Technogot lets you inform that there were character counters while tweeting, but now a circle comes under the text. When your 280 character is complete the circle will be dark.

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