Uber’s flying taxi service: India, Japan, Australia, Brazil & France shortlisted countries

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If you have to go to Delhi from Gurugram or from Narita International Airport (Tokyo) to Haneda Airport (Japan) to join an important meeting or program, then it takes too many hours due to heavy traffic in the morning and evening. In such case, if the taxi in the air can bring you from Delhi within 10 minutes, then how will it be?

User-based taxi service Uber is going to offer a similar facility in India. It has been named Uber Elite. After America’s Dallas and Las Angeles, Delhi can be the third such city, from where this aerial taxi will run.

Uber says that it has selected India, Japan, Australia, Brazil, and France. One of these countries will have the air taxi service soon. Uber elevate team will soon contact the government agencies of these cities and announce the cities selected for air taxi service in the next six months. According to the company, the number and availability of air taxi will depend on the demand. In spite of all the mediums like metro, bullet train, there will be a more demand for air taxi as it meets the special needs at a particular place Uber told.

Uber Eyes Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru

Uber focusing on three big metros of India which are Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. It is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, where it takes hours for a few kilometers journey. In such cities, air taxi services will be a big success.

Booking from the smartphone, flying from the roof of the building

Uber Elite will not even need large runways or helipads for flight. It’s like a car, you will be able to book it on a smartphone and fly directly from a building through a taxi.

Rent up to Rs. 1500

You can check in the below image where if a person chooses to train as his transportation then he’ll have to spend 97 mins from Narita International Airport (Tokyo) to Haneda Airport (Japan). Simple road taxi will take 110 min with the shortest route of 72 KMS. With Uber taxi, you’ll be reaching to your destination within 17 mins. It will cover just 61 KMS of air duration.

uber air taxi service-technogot
Source: Uber

According to the company if demand increases then rent can be reduced to $ 20 or Rs 1500. According to Uber, it takes approximately one hour and 40 minutes from the city of San Francisco to spend 70 kilometers in the distance between San Jose. However, this distance from Air Taxi will be fixed in 15 minutes. From UberX, the rent for this distance is Rs 7836 and from Uberpool (Sharing) it will be Rs 5889. While the fare of Air Taxi will be between 3 to 9 thousand rupees. UAE has started drone taxi service on 26 September 2017. The German company Volocopter has prepared this taxi, in which two people can sit beside the driver.

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Source: Uber

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