How to use Facebook facial recognition technology?

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Facebook has taken a big step towards the privacy of its users and has made the Face Recognition feature live in India. After updates of this feature, users will get a notification when uploading photos of the user anywhere in the world, but users will have to make a setting for this.

For this, Facebook will use Artificial Intelligence Based Facial Recognition Technology. The most remarkable feature of this feature is that even if you have not been tagged in the photo but your photo is uploading anywhere on Facebook you will get a notification.

Facebook has named this security feature as its Face Recognition, which will alert you by identifying your face. In the notification, users will be asked whether you want to upload the photo or not. If you do not want to upload photos, then you can report, after which Facebook will remove your photo from the platform.

How to use Facebook facial recognition technology? Step by Step

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Step-1: First log in to Facebook and then go to Settings.

Step-2: After this, you will find many options appearing in the setting on the left side.

Step-3: In these, you will see a Face Recognition button below the language in the Privacy column.

Step-4: You can do settings by clicking on it.

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