Websites Using Facebook ‘Like’ Button Are Responsible For User Data

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According to the Court of Justice of the European Union, Websites that use Facebook’s Like us Button plugin can’t send users’ data to Facebook without their permission. It should be controlled in benefit of user’s perspective.

In Luxembourg, the European Court of Justice has ruled on Monday that websites giving the option of Facebook Like button will have to give information or notice to users. There are many such websites that tell users that they want to get them on Facebook. There are many websites that do not open without clicking on the option of the choice. So far, users ‘data was stored in different companies’ servers as soon as they like the page and added to the websites.

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Until the decision of the top court of Europe, the companies receiving data from the “Like” button were not liable. But after the latest decision, such companies along with Facebook will also be liable for data protection. The court’s decision clearly states that it will be compulsory to give information to users about the data that will be submitted only after pressing the Like button. With the Like Button it would be necessary to give the user an option to choose. According to the verdict, after interfering with the data of users, Facebook along with other companies will also be responsible.

With this decision, the EU is going to the next stage of General Data Protection Regulation. Europe has been quite serious about data security since the 2018 Cambridge Analyst Scandal.

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It is not that the data of those who are on Facebook is being stolen. Data of every person doing anything on the Internet is being collected. Even if there is no social media account, data like IP address and browsing history is being gathered.

In a statement to Tech website TechCrunch, Facebook said it will thoroughly look into the EU ruling and will make sure the plugins on various websites benefit users.

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