What is Global Better Ads Standard? How to observe better Ads Standard?

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You might have also receved this notofocation on your Google Adsense account. After this change effective from 9th July all Publishers must conform to Better Ads Standards or see ads on their sites blocked by Google Chrome.

Global Better Ads Standards. Google Chrome will support the Better Ads Standards globally from July 9th. Ads may be filtered on Chrome browsers if you don’t comply with the standard

Do you know what does that mean? Just like me you also might have the same question, How can I know if ad serving on website is complying to Global Better Ads Standard?

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Google has sent this message to all its Adsense account holder which contains just a simple text message with no helpful links. But with the research from Technogot, you’ll get all the information and how to solve this issue in this article.

Actually, this had been pre-announced by Google Adsense in 2017 with the intension to compel all publishers to adopt Global advertising standards established by the Coalition for Better Ads.

Now Google Chrome’s ads filtering process is going implement globally, with a rollout to markets beyond North America and Europe on July 8.

Remember, Google Chrome has a roughly 64% global browser market share.

What is Global Better Ads Standard?

Global Better Ads Standard is a coalition to enhance the advertising experience for consumers and promote adoption of the Better Ads Standards.

Websites that contains any of the four desktop or eight mobile ad categories banned under the Better Ads Standards (below), could see potentially all ads on their sites, blocked. For a quick reference to you, annoying formats include pop-ups, auto-play video ads with sound, prestitial ads, flashing/animated ads, large sticky ads and full-screen scrollover ads comes into bad ads format.

Desktop Ads

  • Auto-playing Video Ads with Sound
  • Pop-up Ads
  • Prestitial Ads with Countdown
  • Large Sticky Ads
Source: Coalition for Better Ads

Mobile Ads

  • Pop-up Ads
  • Prestitial Ads
  • Ad Density Higher Than 30%
  • Flashing Animated Ads
  • Auto-playing Video Ads with Sound
  • Postitial Ads with Countdown
  • Fullscreen ScrollScroll over
  • Large Sticky Ads

How to observe Global better Ads Standard?

Generally, you should remove ad placements that are not complying to those standards (we have discussed above).

If you are still unaware and bit confused you can try second option, there is a online tool to help you identify the problematic ads. That is, Ad Experience Report on Google Search Console.

You can identify problematic ads on your website/portal/blog that doesn’t comply with the Global Better Ads Standards. Below is the introduction video for the Ad Experience Report:

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