What is the deadly Momo challenge? how to be safe from momo challenge?

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In the year 2016, the Blue Whale Game had created a sensation throughout the world, and in the same way, the trap of the murderous Momo Challenge is spreading slowly in India too nowadays. After the recent two Suicide Report from West Bengal, the West Bengal state administration has started taking cautious steps to prevent people from it.

West Bengal official says that till now most complaints were coming from Jalpaiguri, Kurseong and West Medinapur, and this is the first case of Kolkata.

According to the official, in addition to sending instructions to the police station of the districts, the state administration has asked the educational institutions to monitor the behavior of girl students. He said that this is gradually increasing, after the Blue Whale Game we are now facing this deadly Momo game challenge. The link to this dangerous game is mostly being sent through Whatsapp.

According to the information, on August 21, Kabita Roy, a resident of Jalpaiguri, got an invitation to play this game, after which he lodged a complaint with the police. Apart from this, the mother of 8-year-old child Rajshree Upadhyay also came under the guise of this fatal game, after which he filed a complaint in the cyber cell of the Kolkata Police.

What is Momo WhatsApp Challenge and how it started?

According to reports from various media, this Suicide Challenge started on Facebook. Later it was spread rapidly through WhatsApp. This challenge is related to the strange and scary face of a girl. This image was created by Japanese artists Midori Hayashi. However, they have nothing to do with this game. This challenge is full of dangers.

On failing from completing the Challenge, Momo (a Fictional Character) scolds and threatens to give a severe punishment. This causes the user to take her instructions seriously otherwise she’ll finish them up. In the case of Momo, the user comes under depression. Most of these users are young and child.

Criminals are misusing the children and youth through this Momo challenge game. After stealing personal information, she/he threatens the kill family members. He also uses to demand a ransom. Through this game, they push children under depression which at last comes into a result of suicide.

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how to be safe from momo challenge?

To be honest, I request all my readers and technogot fans, please….please…! Do not desire to get someone through the internet for dating or chatting purpose. As most of the Momo challenge victim are Minor therefore I request all Minor and their parents to keep away with strangers on Online platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram etc.

At last, remember one thing “Precaution is better than care”.

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