WhatsApp brings in Pin Chat feature, this is how you can use

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A new feature called ‘ Pin Chat ‘ has been started in instant messaging app WhatsApp. Earlier it was in beta version, But now people have started getting its update. Before you proceed let me clear one thing that this feature will be available on android phones only.

Whatsapp has issued a statement saying, that ‘After the Pin Chat feature, users will now be able to find chats from their best friends or family members without scroll down.

WhatsApp brings in Pin Chat feature, this is how you can use to enjoy this interesting social media platform. Users can now pin three groups or individual chats in WhatsApp, which will be at the top of all chats. To use this feature Just tap the chat and click the pin icon’.

Feature like Facebook & Twitter

Significantly, there is such a feature in social media giant Facebook and Twitter too. Recently screenshots of the Whatsapp pin chat feature were leaked. Now with new updates, it is being given to the users.

Pin chat feature for Android users only

If you are an Android user then update your Whatsapp via Google Play Store. This update has a size of 8.44 MB which can be downloaded via mobile data or WiFi connection.

If you are an iOS user then maybe this option has not been given for now but later on, this feature may be available to iOS users.

New features along with Pin chat

In the upcoming update of wahtsApp not only pin chat feature but Delete, Mute and archive (advanced) will be added. But according to my opinion people will love Pin Chat feature because the user will be able to put that chat on top which is necessary for them.

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