WhatsApp launches ‘Checkpoint Tipline’ to intercept fake news

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WhatsApp launches 'Checkpoint Tipline' to intercept fake news

Starting on April 2 (Today), people in India can submit a request for misinformation or rumors they receive to the Checkpoint Tipline on WhatsApp (+91-9643-000-888).

What is WhatsApp Checkpoint Tipline?

Whatsapp has announced its ‘Checkpoint Tipline’ on Tuesday. With this help, the user can verify the information received. The messaging app has made this announcement to stop Fake News and rumors so that they can not influence the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Whatsapp has promised the Indian government to restrain Fake News from the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

This new update of Whatsapp has been launched by Proto, which is an Indian based media skill startup. It will gather rumors and misinformation and prepare its database so that it can be used in a checkpoint. The checkpoint is a research project that helps with WhatsApp to identify fake news.

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How does WhatsApp Checkpoint Tipline work?

To Check the incorrect information or rumors coming on WhatsApp, WhatsApp user can connect with checkpoint number (+ 91-9643-000-888).

Once a WhatsApp user shares a suspicious/misinformation message with the tipline, PROTO’s (an India-based media skilling startup) verification center will seek to respond and inform the user if the claim made in a message shared is up to the truth or not.

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The response will come into indications like if the information is classified as true, false, disputed or out of scope, misleading and include any other related information that is available,” the WhatsApp statement said.

This center will be capable to review the content in many forms like pictures, video links or text and will cover English and four of India’s regional languages – Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, and Malayalam.

While on the other side, PROTO will also work closely with various organizations at the grassroots level to submit misinformation/disputed content circulating across different regions in India during the election 2019.

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