Whatsapp to stop working on these Android & IOS phones in 2020!

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Few months ago, Whatsapp made an announcement that by the end of this year the app will stop working on Windows Phone. For Windows Phone users, this was no less than a shock. This is because Whatsapp has now become an integral part of the lives of people.

Now there is some bad news for the Android and iOS users too. According to Whatsapp’s updated FAQs, the instant messaging app will not work for some Android and iPhone users after February 2020.

It has been clearly mentioned in the WhatsApp FAQ that all Android phones operating on the Android 2.3.7 operating system and iPhones, which are working on iOS 7, will not get Whatsapp support from February 1, 2020.

Users using Android 2.3.7 operating system and iOS 7 can no longer create new accounts nor can re-verify previously created accounts. Facebook official messaging platform has also stated that more users will not be affected by this decision.

Whatsapp further said that users who are using very old Android phones and iPhones will be affected by this decision. Keeping in mind that most users change their handsets with in years, two years, more users will not be affected by this decision.

However, Whatsapp users are being told to are use Android 4.0.3 or the software. For iPhone users, Whatsapp users need to use iOS 8 or later to use software.

Whatsapp also told users to use KaiOS 2.5.1+.

Last Year, Reliance Jio and Whatsapp had worked to bring Whatsapp into Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 last year.

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